Sample Collection Services

Microbiome research continues exponential growth, and the need for expertise in a standardized approach to whole fecal sample collection and processing has never been more critical.

Small sub-samples of human stool in DNA solution do not provide a comprehensive view or the ability to expand the project scope. As research advances, the need to take “the sample” down a pipeline of discovery increases the need for homogenized, viable aliquots of the sample that can be used in multiple pipelines.

The BioCollective is the pioneer in developing and testing methods for whole stool collection and homogenization. As microbiome therapeutics move forward to clinical trials, this expertise becomes more critical. The BioCollective offers Sample Collection and Processing Services in support of clinical trial fecal sample collection.

Our patent pending process is unique in delivering consistently collected and processed samples that can be used for genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, culturing and more.